Citations are done according to the style of the Nature Publishing Group.

Journal Paper:

Cheng, H. Y. & Cheong, K. H. Designing crease patterns for polyhedra by composing right frusta. Computer-Aided Design 44, 331-342 (2012).

Conference Proceeding:

Cheng, H. Y. A General Method of Drawing Biplanar Crease Patterns, Origami5, 421-436, Boca Raton, FL: A K Peters/CRC Press, 2011

Magazine articles:

Iverson, P. W. Math is the Path to His Origami Passion, Interview with Herng Yi Cheng, The Paper 112 (Winter 2013)

Cheng, H. Y. Folding Prismatoids Using a Form of 3D Origami, Mathematical Medley 35, 3-11 (2009)

Origami Diagrams:

H. Y. Cheng. House, 5OSME PLUS! Convention Book, 184-196 (2010)


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